Learn – Build – Grow


We grow food with Aquaponics…

We teach others to do so as well…

Aquaponics is the perfect combination of plants and fish combined into one recirculating growing system.  We try hard to mimic nature to create an ecosystem that works. The players are:

-The fish… provide the basis for natural plant food

-The bacterias… naturally occurring bacteria convert the fish waste into the plant food

-The plants…. “clean” the water for the fish

Together they make an extremely efficient system for producing large amounts of food, both protein and vegetables!

Aquaponics…. why?

-can be organic and food safety certified

-uses WAY less water that traditional farming methods, over 90% less!

-uses energy sources that can be renewable. Electricity is used to run our pumps, blowers etc. There are several ways to create electricity from a renewable standpoint. We don’t use tractors, tillers, or any fossil fuel driven machinery

-uses WAY less space. We can produce a lot more food in less space. An acre of Aquaponics will produce as much food as several acres grown with conventional methods. This means a much smaller footprint needed and a lot less impact on the land

-can be done pretty much anywhere from urban to rural environments

Want to learn how to farm with Aquaponics?  We have a wide range of educational options:  Learn Aquaponics!