05/30/2014 – Lots of rain!

Aquaponic Lettuce SproutsWe are getting lots of rain here on the farm. Things are always wet!! What comes with wet, still humid weather is fungus 🙁 Lots of spotting on the lettuces but luckily we have some organic products that are knocking it out!

Our new farm project is moving along nicely, will be posting updates soon that speak to the whole farm project

Noah is doing good. He is pushing through this marathon chemo treatment and has a few years to go at best. He is a strong guy and I am learning a lot from him about what matters in life!

All is good today at Living Aquaponics. Our farm is alive and together and the plants are growing good as usual!


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  1. Mitchell Osurman

    I saw your segment on aquaponics on TV and I just starting up my own aquaponic system. As I venture on my quest for knowledge in this, I know I’m going to meet challenges, but it’s good to know someone like you who is doing it on a bigger scale than me, that it can help me solve my situation when it comes up.


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