2 Day Personal Intensive Training – With Housing

This training includes private, vacation style housing located on one of our farms.

Are you a serious about starting your Aquaponics business and need a comprehensive training that is personal to your needs and is done in a short period of time? Are you ready to launch your business now, ready to design your systems, ready to learn how to operate an Aquaponics farm? Are you wanting one on one custom training with an Aquaponics expert?

Then our 2 Day Personal Aquaponics Training is the right training for you! This is a comprehensive and intensive training made for students that want their training tailored to their needs.

This training includes:

  1. Two full days of hands-on instruction for up to two people for the price of one. This course is taught by Zac Hosler, owner of Living Aquaponics Inc and held on site at our farms located on the Big Island of Hawaii
  2. Industry leading Commercial Aquaponics Training Materials written by our mentors at Friendly Aquaponics Inc. These have a retail value of $999!!
  3. Lifetime support. You can call or email Zac any time (within reasonable hours Hawaii Standard Time!) to get your questions answered. Zac still talks to students from over 5 years ago…

Accommodations Include:

-3 Nights in our on farm private “vacation style” accommodations for up to 2 people. There is no need to get and pay for expensive accommodations somewhere else.

-Welcome basket full of fruit and veggies from our farms

-Want to make a vacation out of it? Add additional nights for $125/night.

contact us secure your training dates!

You will learn everything you need to know to build and operate aquaponics systems of any size. You will get all of the material needed in written and digital format and you will get lifetime support for all your questions in the future

This training is tailored for you and your particular situation and goals. We discuss and offer solutions and approaches for your climate, your site, your market, and your level of business experience. You will have all your questions answered, and we make sure you understand every detail completely. We offer ongoing support to you via email correspondence, answering questions that may come up in the future, because we are committed to your succes

To help you get the most out of your 2 Day Personal Aquaponics Training with us,  we will mail you the full set of training materials as soon as you have paid in full for your training and your training dates are set. If you put some time into using these training materials first, you will start the Personal Intensive with a more advanced level of understanding and get a LOT more out of it.

All my questions were answered in well thought out ways. Zac covered every aspect of how he operates a successful aquaponics farm. Zac offers lifetime support so I can email or call him anytime with questions”  -Frank J.

Dates and Times: Email Us to check on available dates. We will work with your schedule to pick dates that work for you. We can be booked in advance so please check with us on available dates before purchasing this training.

Location: Takes place at the Living Aquaponics farm training locations located on the Big Island of Hawaii (both of our Hā Farms production sites…see real, commercial aquaponics in action!)

This training package does not include airfare, car rental, food etc. 

Training Cost: $2975.00 for up to two people and includes training, training materials and 3 nights private vacation style student housing.


contact us secure your training dates!


Various Lettuce

View of Kailua Bay from the student housing