About Us



Living Aquaponics Inc is many things…

  • The educational, training and agri-tourism arm of a large farm plan
  • The managing and majority partner in a commercial Aquaponics operation known as Hā Farms Inc
  • The name that is known throughout the world as that real and viable Aquaponics farm started in 2010 in Hawaii by the Hosler family. The name that is known throughout the world for quality Commercial Aquaponics Training Programs….

What We Do…

We manage the daily operations of our two commercial Aquaponics farms known as Hā Farms.

We teach others to grow LOTs of food with Aquaponics.  Just as important we teach our students to create successful farm businesses!  Drawn from our 6 years of Aquaponics farming experience we provide our students with everything needed to get started in Aquaponics farming, marketing and sales

Our History…

Zac and Rebecca Hosler started Living Aquaponics Inc in 2010 and built our Keei Farm located near Honaunau on the Big Island of Hawaii. This farm consists of a large aquaponics system which generates between  500 and 900 pounds of vegetables per week. Over the years, they have streamlined the farm to better manage the grow space and labor inputs needed in many innovative ways. These creative solutions are the result of years of experience in aquaponics, and have increased the farm’s production by 60% to 70% from where it started all while reducing our labor hours needed!

Living Aquaponics Inc is a family run business. Zac and Rebecca Hosler have two children Noah, 9, and Isaac, 7. In October of 2012 Noah, then 4 years old, was diagnosed with Leukemia. Noah endured 3 years and 3 months of continuous chemotherapy and took his last chemotherapy dose on December 27, 2015. He is currently in solid remission. This multiple year harsh chemotherapy treatment was located at a hospital on Oahu which meant Zac and Noah traveled a lot throughout the last 3+ years. The Hosler family has been through a lot and has come out the other end of this life changing diagnosis and treatment different people and a different family than at the start. While this is personal and non-business related information, it has shaped the goals of Living Aquaponics Inc to something different than it would have been. This challenge faced by the Hosler family made it clear that this business needed to be expanded to a point where it would have multiple streams of income for stability reasons. Also the Hosler family now firmly believes that local food systems full of healthy food is extremely important to sustaining a healthy life.

Therefore, in September of 2015, Living Aquaponics Inc decided to take on a partner to grow the commercial production side of the business. Living Aquaponics began having discussions about expansion with a projects management group called Cimmaron Resources, Inc. These discussions lasted for several months culminating in the formation of a new entity called Hā Farms Inc. This new entity was formed as a joint venture wherein Living Aquaponics Inc contributed its existing farm assets and Cimmaron Resources contributed capital to expand the current farm. Formed in early January 2016, Hā Farms is now positioned to take what Living Aquaponics started and build it out to a large scale commercial farming operation.

Living Aquaponics Inc offers world class Aquaponics training programs and has taught people from all over the world how to farm with Aquaponics

What we believe in…

A true Farm to Table farm model.  What does Farm To Table Mean?

Its simple. To us it means getting food produced locally onto dinner tables in the community.  We’re not sure why there even has to be a “catch phrase” for this??  What has our perception of food come to where something that is grown locally and is eaten locally is a “new” and “cool” idea?  We aim to make Farm To Table no longer a catch phrase!  We want people to call their food….”food” and know that it came from a farm near by, thus not having to say it’s “local” or “Farm to table”…..make sense?

We are committed to building a sustainable Farm To Table model here in Hawaii. Our commercial farming operations Hā Farms Inc  provides hundreds to thousands of pounds of fresh, vibrant and healthy veggies every week to various accounts within our local food systems. These accounts include Adaptations Inc and Suisan Co, Ltd and direct sales to local restaurants like Sam Choy’s Kai Lanai, Rays On the Bay at The Sheraton Keauhou, Daylight Mind Coffee Company, Akule Supply and more. We are also filling dinner tables in homes all around Kona with direct sales to the public every Saturday at the Keauhou Farmers Market.. As we grow we plan to branch out into retail sales at several island grocery stores.


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