Big things happening at Living Aquaponics ! !

Lots of big things happening here at Living Aquaponics! Here goes several announcements:

– Living Aquaponics in the media… We will be featured on the Living Local TV show tonight (May 18th) at 9:30pm on Channel 5! We are blessed to see the wonderful people at Living Local get excited about what we are doing. We had them out to the farm to film how we grow things and to talk about what we are passionate about…. teaching others to grow food! If you are here in Hawaii please watch tonight and if not we will post a link to the show once they put it online

– We are building a new farm!! … We are in the final stages of funding acquisition and land acquisition for a new Aquaponics farm that will be located in Keauhou. Our existing farm will continue to grow its wholesale business while this new farm will focus on the Farm To Table Sales model and will sell direct to local chefs, restaurants and consumers through direct sales and farmers markets. This new farm will also be the home of our new and expanded Aquaponics Education Facility where we will continue to teach people how to farm with Aquaponics. We will be adding lots of new trainings options as well as training and classes to teach people to grow their own food on a “back yard” level. We are excited to launch this new farm and educational facility. We are excited to prove the Farm to Table Sales model works as well as expand our commercial Aquaponics trainings. We are especially excited to be training people how to grow food for their own families in smaller very robust systems!

We expect to launch this new farm at the end of 3rd quarter of this year and we will be talking a lot more about this as we get closer!

Teaser about some very special Internships that will be available soon! ….. We plan to offer a very special set of internships while we build our second farm. These will be offered only for a few months and will be an opportunity that has never been offered before, to come learn with a real commercial Aquaponics company and get hands on experience helping to run an already existing fully functional farm as well as help build a new commercial farm. These interns will learn the building, running and business side to Aquaponics!!

We plan to offer only 8 one month “special” internships over the course of two months and we may add a few 2 week options if there is demand for shorter time frames. We estimate these internships to start around October of this year but we do not have the dates nailed down yet. Stay tuned for prices and start dates….

On a personal note….. Our son Noah is doing well. he is a little over half way through 3 and 1/2 years of chemo while he battles Leukemia. He and his little brother Isaac are warriors who battle this disease every day. While Isaac is not sick he helps his brother so much! Our community has done so much for us!! Most Recently Aunty Jan of Auntie’s Angels did a Steak Fry fundraiser to help with the costs of getting Noah better. Thank you Aunty Jan…we love you 🙂
Also, our clients and friends at Sam Choy’s Kai Lanai are running a fundraiser all this month where they have created a special menu called Noah’s Menu where part of the proceeds from each dish will go out our family to help with the extra expenses. We are so thankful to Chef Scott, Sam Choy and everyone at the restaurant for support our farm and our family!!
Noah continues to do well, he suffers from all the normal short and long term side effects of chemo and steroid meds but he is a happy boy most of the time. We are thankful to have him (and his brother) alive today.

Thanks for reading!!