Commercial Aquaponics Training

We offer three different options that allow our students that choose the best training structure that works for them:

Personal Intensive Training : A 2 day intensive training with Living Aquaponics Owner Zac Hosler for up to two students. Students learn everything needed to build and operate Aquaponics farm(s). This training is for the student(s) who wants a custom and personal training experience and who wants to get fully trained quickly. We schedule this training with you as soon as it best fits both our schedules…

-Personal Intensive Training – With Housing: This option is the same as the Personal Intensive Training detailed above PLUS it comes with 3 nights stay on our farm in private, vacation quality accommodation

-Extended Stay Internship: Come stay on one of our farms for 1 and 2 months and be involved in the day to day operations for our two commercial Aquaponics farms.  This internship is for the student(s) that wants to immerse themselves in Aquaponics farming and love to learn by doing. ***Please note*** We have temporarily stopped our internship program at this time. We do plan to resume in Fall/Winter of 2017. More info to come soon as we are gearing up to re-launch our Aquaponics internship program





  1. Gwyneth Kansankala

    Hi Zac, I just thought I check if you have resumed your intensive one month internship programs and what the dates are.
    Kind regards

    1. Living Aquaponics

      Aloha Gwyneth,

      we have not resumed our internship program. we are still in the process of building out our farms and due to time constraints with farm expansion we have stopped the one month option. The 2 day and 3 day options are still available. There is no ETA on when we will start the internships back up but best guess would ne mid 2018


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