Farm & Family update 12/2016

Aloha all,

Noah is about to make 9 years old on Dec 9th.  We are so thankful to have him still here with us. When his journey against Leukemia started over 4 years ago we didn’t know if he would ever see 9.  Today he is happy, healthy and in remission. Dec 27th will mark one year since his multi year chemo treatment ended.  We are thankful. His brother Isaac made 7 on Oct. 2 and is growing up fast. We are so thankful for both our children!

Our Keei farm is starting to come into full swing with higher production in our better growing season (winter time) with all the plants looking great and disease free.  We love the winter time here in Hawaii. In Kona is more dry and cooler this time of year. The plants love it! We are planting around 6000 plants per week at this farm and harvests are getting bigger and bigger.

We have made huge strides in getting our new Keauhou aquaponics farm up and running.  Yesterday we planted around 1000 plants to kick off our second farm. This is roughly 1/5th to 1/6th the size we will be building it out to in 2017.

Our first 1000 plants seeded at our new Keauhou farm location. We planted lettuces, bok choi, green onion, beets, turnip, chard and kaleimg_1521

We also introduced around 800 baby Tilapia to the new and first system:


We have 6 grow beds in this new system:


And LOTS of space to expand!


Overall things have been great since my last post. We have been busy building out Ha Farms Inc’s commercial growing operations at the Keei and Keauhou farm sites and we started booking Commercial Aquaponics Trainings again with students already signing up for Personal Trainings.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas