Group Back Yard Training

Learn how to grow LOTS of food for yourself, your family and friends!

You Get:

-In depth tour or our Aquaponics farm where you will learn all about Aquaponics and how a farm like ours works.

-Full day group training session where you will learn along side others to build and operate Aquaponics systems that range from indoor table top size to a back yard sized systems to grow food for your friends and family.

-Friendly Aquaponics Micro System DIY manual which we use as training materials and you get to take home with you

Cost:  $225 per person ($100 per extra person with shared training materials)

Next Group Training Class Information:

Date: TBD, we are in the final planning stages for our next group class. Expected date June 2017. Stay tuned for more info

Contact Us for more info and we will send you an email when we announce the next class date.