Hā Farms

Is our commercial Aquaponics farming operations….

Hā Farms Inc is Joint Venture formed in January of 2016 between Living Aquaponics Inc and Cimmaron Resources, Inc and is poised to take the family farm Living Aquaponics Inc started in 2010 and build it out to a large scale commercial farming operation infusing thousands of pounds weekly into our local food systems.

These commercial Aquaponics operations are conducted at two locations on the Big Island of Hawaii:

Keei Farm… is our original farm started by Living Aquaponics Inc in 2010. It consists of two commercial aquaponics systems which combined total three fish tanks ranging from 500 gallons to 3000 gallons and twenty deep water culture grow beds that are four feet wide by 75 feet long. Along with these is various supporting infrastructure included covered planting area, flood/drain nursery tables area, transplant area, covered harvest area. The total footprint is roughly 3/4 acre.  On this 3/4 acre we produce between 500 and 900 pounds of veggies per week, every week of the year. Our keei farm is located in the Honaunau area of the Big Island of Hawaii and sits at 800 feet elevation

Living Aquaponics Farm


Keauhou Farm… 

**Update 2018: We are still building out our Keauhou Farm but have made a lot of progress from our 2016 update. We now have 16 grow beds in production and are producing 100’s of pounds weekly of baby lettuces, kale, watercress and more. Pictures to be posted soon…

**2016 Update:  We took possession of this farm property in December of 2015.  So far we have cleared over 2 acres from dense jungle to bare ground, cut in an access road from the street to the farm area (two acres into the property), finish graded areas for fish tank(s), harvest and cold storage areas, planting & nursery areas and enough grow bed space to mimic our current farm in Keei. We have also built the first production system of 6 grow beds that are already growing lots of veggies and we are in the process of building two additional systems. Our plan is to build a farm of the exact same size (same size not exact same foot print!) of our Keei farm so that we can not only double our production but also test which location is best for what we grow.  This farm location sits at 1500 feet above Keauhou Bay and several of our commercial accounts. This new Keauhou farm will not only serve as a second commercial farm it will also be the location for the Living Aquaponics Inc training facility, farm tours and other programs available to the public. 

keauhou farm1

cleared farm


Meaning of the Word Hā 

The name Ha Farms was given to us by friends of ours. Here is their word for word explanation of the meaning of the word Ha:

Hā literally means to breath or exhale.  Hā is often referred to as the “breath of life” in Hawaiian.  From an agricultural viewpoint, Hā is also the stalk that supports the leaf and enfolds the stem of certain plants, as taro (kalo), sugar cane (ko), and the layers of the banana stump (mai`a).  Each of these plants are core canoe crops that were brought to Hawaii when the first Polynesians arrived.  Another meaning for Hā is in the word, “Hā wai”, which means water that runs through a trough/ditch. As with all things, water is necessary for life and with aquaponics we literally use troughs of water to produce food.

The name, “Hā Farms”, is appropriate on so many levels. In the end, it really is a gift…a chance for us to live the life of this land. To produce, share and educate others on the importance of living a more sustainable life.  Hā, a gift that we each received in our own ways… our breath of life, that we want to share with others. We are a group of families in transition in many ways and we are a business in transition on many levels. It is a good transition and our history, both company and personal, has shaped us to succeed….

Hā Farms Inc is the next step in a 7+ year journey to build a large scale viable Aquaponics farm.