Intern Program Resumed!!

Update 7/10/13:

We are pleased to announce that we have restarted out intern program! Thank you for all of your thoughtful words regarding our son’s illness. Starting tomorrow Noah transitions into the final phase of his Leukemia treatment. While this is far from over with 2 and 1/2 years of scheduled treatments left the scheduled days that he and I will have to go to Oahu for chemo goes from weekly to monthly. He will take lower dose chemo pills daily and we will go to Oahu once per month for his IV chemo. While all schedules can change especially when dealing with cancer we now have much easier schedule.

Big Island WeeklyThis has allowed us to resume the intern program. We started back up July 1st with one intern. He is doing great work on the farm and learning a lot!

We have spots for two people at a time and as of right now we have one opening available in August, one in September and one in October. November and December are open with two spaces available. If you have been following us and waiting for our intern program to resume now is the time to contact us. Please see our internship page for more info on cost and what you get in accommodations and training.

The farm is doing well for being the slow season. Its slow in production as well as demand. The summer months in Hawaii are the slowest tourism wise as most people come to Hawaii to get away from the cold weather they deal with in the winter time. This means less demand on the island from the restaurants and resorts. This is a big part of our wholesale business. Luckily our slowest production season is also the summer time as the heat and humidity causes most of the crops we grow to grow taller and less bulky. We usually get way less weight out of each plant at harvest. Basically plants grow differently in different seasons. So, the farm is producing between 300 and 400 pounds of veggies per week right now. In the winter months when production is way up and so is demand we can do upwards of 1000 pounds per week out of the same system! We get at least twice the weight per harvest in the “good” growing season. Its info like this that is very important to know when deciding to get into the business of farming! Knowing how to plan around swings in demand as well as production can make (or break) you! We use the “slower” months (that is in quotes because there really is no slow time work wise!!) expand and other projects. Regardless, even in the slower months we are a full time commercial farm and either season is a great time to come and learn with us!!

With said, the farm is chugging along, this week my intern and I built a screened in sprouting system to grow wheatgrass and sprouts. Its set up for 14 trays but can easily be expanded to 56 trays for very little additional cost. We also plan to build two more 80 foot Aquaponic growing beds starting next week. The produce from these two new troughs is already sold and the order are just waiting to be filled.

That’s it for now, please try and live each day like it means something. At the end of the day if you and your family are alive and well then it was a good day. My family is learning this daily and my little 5 year old is teaching me what matters in life!

Farmer's Market in Keauhou-Zac