Internship Info:

We are Friendly Aquaponics Inc. Commercial Training Affiliates.

***Summer Internship Sale!!***
For the months of May through August we are offering a discount on our one and two month internship options… We have two spots still open for each of those months but they are filling up fast. Contact Us today to start the application process….
See below under Costs for summer Internship discounts!!

Here are the details:

An Internship Training consists of one or two months on the Living Aquaponics Inc farm located in Honaunau on the Big Island of Hawaii. We will give you EVERYTHING we know about aquaponics, aquaculture, tilapia breeding, system chemistry, plant biology, mechanical systems, grant writing and receiving, Aquaponics farm business planning (including business plan and proposal writing for loan and/or land acquisition, estimated cash flows and much, much more), daily business operations both production and sales, and marketing, in an informal environment in the course of your day-to-day work on the farm. You will have an awesome opportunity to get a tan (well, a farmer’s tan, anyway!) as you participate alongside us in day-to-day aquaponics activities from Monday through Friday, and occasional half-days on Saturdays. We usually start at 8am and end around 1 to 2pm. Your afternoons and weekends are yours to explore the Big Island or spend more time working with the Aquaponics. We will give you everything you need to get started in commercial Aquaponics and this internship comes with the industry leading training materials from our friends and mentors at Friendly Aquaponics. Their commercial Aquaponics manual is included in this internship which has a $999 value!

For one intern (if coming as a party of 2 we offer additional discounts for second person. Please Contact Us for more details)

Regular One month price: $3500

Regular Two month price: $4,500

Regular Longer than Two month pricing: We do custom internships up to 4 months if desired. We do not quote these prices online as we set these up custom but we do offer substantial discounts for additional months. Please Contact Us if interested

***Summer Internship Special Price***

For the months of May through August 2015 we are offering the internships at a discount:

Summer discounted Internship price – One month: $2995!

Summer discounted Internship Price – Two month: $3995!

We are currently completely booked through April. We have two positions left for each of the months of May through August 2015 with several people already inquiring about these months. Contact Us today to get your spot secured.

Things that need to be said:

Please understand this opportunity does NOT include the use of one of our vehicles, or transportation while on island. You are welcome to rent a car, make friends and get a ride with them, take the bus, or hitchhike (common here in Hawaii). We don’t have servants or a cook; you do your own cooking and laundry etc. You will have a private sleeping room as well as access to shared kitchen, toilet and shower. You can do your laundry at the coin-op laundry mat near by.You are allowed to eat from the Aquaponics systems and what ever else we have in season on the farm but it will NOT be all of your food, We do drive interns to the local grocery store once per week and we will pick you up and drop you off from/to the airport. Either Zac the owner or Adam the farm manager will make sure you get to the grocery store weekly and pick you up and drop you off upon arrival and departure, other than that transportation is up to you.

We understands you will operate with integrity, non-violence, and are a hard worker. You understand you are joining our farm for a month or two, and if you come with an “attitude of gratitude”, and give more than you take, you will forever be a member of our “ohana” (Hawaiian for “family”) and that we will teach you everything we know.

You can compare our Internship to Morningstar Fisherman’s (a supposed non-profit!) internship, which is $2000 per month not including dorm or food (that’s another $2,500 per month!) So, that’s $4500 for a one month internship and $9,000 for a two month…. Living Aquaponics Inc offers our summer internship position for far less at $2995 for One month and $3995 for two months! We are also a real working commercial farm where you will get hands on experience in how to operate a commercial Aquaponics farm.

In the past, we discovered we had interns who were illegal drug users, smokers, or alcohol abusers who lied (or were in deep denial) about their habits before coming here, and we had to ask them to leave. So, please note: WE RUNS AN ALCOHOL, DRUG- AND TOBACCO-FREE farm. We have a family and do not tolerate any illegal drug use or alcohol use on our farm. Because of the high risk of tobacco mosaic virus transferring to other crops from tobacco products, we do not allow ANY tobacco products onto the farm. And if you want to drink alcohol, you can do it in town. The nearest bar is about 4 miles away.

Of course, we are happy to give you a list of interns (both past and present) who can tell you what it’s like here. If you want to sign up to be an intern, or have any questions about the terms of the internships, Contact Us to ask questions or start the application process.

We are looking for people who want to change the world, and who are willing to change themselves first. We are looking for people who want to help others by pouring from a full cup, not an empty one. We are looking for family and friends he has not yet met. So, if you are open-minded and open-hearted, flexible, non-judgmental, loving, committed, and a hard worker, we would love to hear from you!

contact us to start the application process.

Thanks for you interest, we look forward to training you when you are ready to learn commercial Aquaponics farming!

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