Internship Info:
We are Friendly Aquaponics Inc. Commercial Training Affiliates.

We offer custom internships to people who want longer term training options. These internships can be from one month to four months in length and include accommodations on the farm and 5 days a week of hands on learning experience. These internships also include the same industry leading training materials that our other training options offer.

We approve interns for one to four month internships on a case by case basis. If you are interested in this type of longer term training option please contact us to discuss. We will will have you fill out an application and we will speak with you on the phone before making a decision to approve or deny your application. These internship spots are only offered around 6 times per year so we want to make sure that those that are coming understand what they are getting into with living in farm dwellings in rural Hawaii and also most important that approved interns have a passion for Aquaponics and food production and a direction to make a difference in their local community utilizing what they learn during their internship.

Since we customize these internships to fit your needs and the amount of time desired to be here on our farm, we do not quote specific prices on our web site. These internships do usually run between $3500 and $7500 depending on length of internship and several other training options that may be added.

contact us to start the application process. As of today (12-29-14) we are booked through mid May 2015

Thanks for you interest, we look forward to training you when you are ready to learn commercial Aquaponics farming!

Aquaponic Watermelon Radish