Aquaponics Internship Training

We are Friendly Aquaponics Inc. Commercial Training Affiliates.

We offer a commercial Aquaponics learning environment like no other available. We have a real commercial Aquaponics farm that is the training grounds for our students. We combine the following to offer the best learning environment on the market:

-One month Internship program on our farm in Honaunau, Hawaii
-Small group program with no more than four interns at one time. The average on any given month is three!
-Industry leading written training materials from our friends and mentors – Friendly Aquaponics Inc
-The best possible training grounds – A real commercial Aquaponics farm that produces hundred of pounds of veggies per week
-Very Structured weekly schedules where our students are involved in all aspects of running the Aquaponics farm. This is real life hands-on Aquaponics farming experience!
-Set weekly small group training session with the farm owner or manager.
-Personal goal setting session with owner Zac Hosler where you can begin to plan your future Aquaponics farm!
-Students leave with the knowledge, experience and training materials to start their own Aquaponics farm, taught by real commercial Aquaponics farmers!

Start Dates Available as of 06/22/2014:

-July: One spot open with a start date of June 15st
-August: One spot open with a start date of July 15st
-September: One spot open with a start date of August 15st
-October: One spot open with a start date of October 15th

contact us now to secure your internship before all spots are filled! We also offer discounts for 2 or more people coming as a group, just ask us and we will send you the details.

Internship details:

People have come to us from all over the world to learn Aquaponics farming. Our goal is for our students to leave our farm with the knowledge needed to plan their own Aquaponics farm, learn how to run the systems on a daily basis, and see all aspects of the business including crop planning, marketing, and sales from the perspective of a working commercial Aquaponics farm.

What our students get:

1. Training Materials:

  • Commercial Aquaponics System Training and Plans, written by our good friends and mentors at Friendly Aquaponcis Inc.  This is $999 value!
  • We will be adding additional Aquaponics training materials as time goes on.  As we add these all prior Aquaponics Training Internship students will be entitled to any new additions for no additional charge!

2. Hands-on Aquaponics training. You will get a minimum of 20 hours per week of hands on training while working with us on our daily operation of the Aquaponics farm and business. You will be involved in all aspects including planting, filling the system with seedlings, caring for seedlings in the nursery system, harvesting, packaging, delivering, cleaning and preparing for various tasks as well as lots of daily, weekly and monthly system tasks. We will also teach you as much as you want to know about the business side of things and show you our model that includes mostly wholesale accounts with some retail and direct to retails sales as well. 15 hours is the minimum, you can participate as much as you would like and can easily get 30 to 40 hours of hands on time per week if desired. The value in this hands on this type of training is close to invaluable if you really want to learn this type of a farming and this business. You will not get this type of experience by paying for a short training of a few days. We think the best way to learn is to actually do it! The value of this experience is easily thousands of dollars! Others charge $3,000 to $5,000 for a week or two of Aquaponics training that does not include real hands on experience.  We feel that this hands on experience is vital to being successful in your own Aquaponics farm business

3. Two hours per week minimum of “classroom” training sessions with the farm manager(s). The classroom will really be sitting under a mango or avocado tree somewhere on the farm or while driving delivery routes if you want to see that part of the business. This time is dedicated to answering your questions. As you participate in farm and business related activities through out the week you will have lots of questions. While we answer questions as they come and while we work and we take time to explain things as we go this is extra time set aside to make sure they are all getting answered. If we were to hire ourselves out as Aquaponics consultants we would charge our customers around $100 per hour. In a month internship you will get a minimum of 8 hours of this time so we give this training a value of a minimum of $800.

4. A 2-hour personal goal setting session with farm owner Zac Hosler. This time is set aside just for you so that Zac can help you work on your individual plan for getting your own Aquaponics farm started. This has a $200 value.

5. Accommodations. We provide private sleeping quarters, with shared kitchen, shower and farm toilet. We also supply water, electricity, propane (shower and stove) and WIFI. A months stay has a value of over $2000.

6. Some food. We allow our interns to eat from the Aquaponics system as well as what ever else is ready for harvest on the rest of the farm. Currently the Aquaponics has lots of varieties of lettuces, bok choi, green onion, herbs, watercress, bush beans. The rest of the farm has banana, mango, papaya, avocado, lilikoi (passion fruit) and macadamia nut. Most of these are seasonal so all may not be going when you get here. Right now we have Mango and Lilikoi with avocado and banana about to be ready in the next few months as well. All other food is the responsibility of the intern. We offer a kitchen to use as well as refrigerator space. There is a grocery store 3 miles from us. We drive by this several times a week on our delivery route so we drop interns off there on a regular basis. Hitch hiking is also very common here so some interns choose to get around that way. We also do a farmers market once a week in a shopping center in town (Kailua-kona which is about 20 minutes from us). There is a large grocery store there. Interns will come with us sometimes to shop at the farmers market as well as this grocery store. Seeing how we run our farmers market booth is worth it too! There is a value to the food we provide from the farm as well as rides to the grocery store. The exact value is determined by how much you eat :)

7. Pick up / Drop off at the airport. We will either pick you up and drop you off to Kailua-Kona airport, or we will pick up the tab for a taxi ride to/from. This is a value of at least $150 if you were to pay for a cab. Car rentals depending on time of year will average $75 to $100 per day. No need for either as we will take care of it!

8. Visiting Hawaii! We do not put a monetary value on this but we do live in a beautiful place. We are a few miles from the ocean and live above Place of Refuge and Captain Cook Bay on the Big Island of Hawaii. Kona waters are some of the calmest in the state and are world-renowned for diving and fishing. There is also a lot history and Hawaiian culture in this area. We are roughly 20 minutes south of Kailua-Kona in Beautiful South Kona District. While you are here you will have plenty of time enjoy Hawaii, snorkel, dive, fish, or just sit at the beach!!

Value and Cost:

Our students get a total value worth $7,500 to $10,000, all for a discounted price-

One Month Aquaponics Training Internship discount rate: $2500

We offer discounts for more than one person, please inquire. We also will consider longer internships on a per case basis, please inquire if you want a longer internship period and we will discuss this option and additional cost.

contact us now to secure your spot before 2014 fills up!

Thanks for you interest, we look forward to training you when you are ready to learn commercial Aquaponics farming!

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