Living Aquaponics Inc Loan – Crowd funded loans for small businesses

Aloha, this is a crowd funding loan request and if you are on our mailing list or check our website and/or Facebook page regularly then we wanted to ask you to share this with your networks.  Most of you know we teach people how to farm with Aquaponics. This is one of our diversified income streams that helps us as local food producers to make it through the good and bad seasons that come with growing food. We are applying for this loan in order to expand our educational and agri-toursim programs. We expect a 300% income stream increase from this!

With that said I am happy to announce that Living Aquaponics Inc is now crowdfunding a 0% interest loan on Kiva. Kiva is the first and largest micro-lending service in the world that has distributed $709 million over 10 years, in 85 different countries, among 1.5 million small businesses.
I am currently in a private fundraising period, during which I have 15 days to get 15 lenders in order to make it on the Kiva public platform where anyone on Kiva can lend to me. The funds from this loan will go towards expansion of our educational and agri-tourism programs allowing us to teach more people how to farm with Aquaponics!

Also Capital One has agreed to match dollar for dollar! That means for every dollar lent Capital one will lend me a dollar all the way to the loan request total of $10,000!

I would like to ask you to either share this loan request with your networks and/or lend as little as $25 (which you will get back!) so that we can progress to the public fundraising period. If you would like to support me, please follow this link to my loan profile page:

All lending and repayment is done via pay pal. Each pay pal account is considered one lender. In order to get to the public funding platform I need 15 separate pay pal accounts to lend $25. That is our goal in the next 15 days. From there its opened to a world wide network of Kiva lenders.

The link above is the only way loans will be tracked as coming through me thus counting for the 15 private network lenders. Thanks for your support, I am
honestly so grateful!
I sincerely appreciate your support!
Thank you!