Training Programs and farm update!

Baby RomaineAs we grow our farm we are also growing out training programs:

See here for our Internship page for information on our One month Internship program

-We are now Personal Intensive affiliate trainers through our friends and mentors at Friendly Aquaponics Inc.

See here for information on our Personal Intensive Trainings that we now offer at our farm!

Farm Update:

Our farm continues to grow. We are always expanding! Last week we picked up a new account that has put in a standing order of over $980 per week for our veggies. We plan to work this new account into our weekly list of standing order accounts and we will post more about this exciting new account soon!

As we expand we are always learning, this means that our students are always on the cutting edge of real world Aquaponics applications! Our last expansion did not go off without several hitches. We learned where the “end of the line” for continuous “daisy chained” grow troughs is. This is information you NEED to know when designing your farm. Our interns and personal intensive clients now are getting this new and valuable information along with loads of other training!

We are in the planning stages for our second farm! It will be located about 15 minutes from our current farm and will be at a different elevation allowing us to grow different products. We will post more information about this as the start date gets closer! Hint: There will be some very special training programs available during the build of this new farm. These students will get a once in a life time opportunity to be involved in the build of the new farm as well as helping to run the existing farm!

On the family front, we leave this next week for our son Noah’s Make A Wish trip to Disneyland. Noah and his brother Isaac are super excited! To read more about our family and Noah’s battle with leukemia see more info on our website and the links to his blog.

Stay tuned for lots more info



  1. Hello, Rick. I like your site and videos. Noah sure is a cute kid! My wife and I are exntceipg our third in less than 2 wks. We found out last spring that she (Olivia) has T21. So far the ultrasounds look good. We are very excited about welcoming our new baby!

    1. Living Aquaponics

      Aloha, and congratulations on your new baby! She and your family will be in our prayers. Thank you for the kind words about our site and about Noah 🙂


    1. Living Aquaponics

      Thanks Kris!!

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